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Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park


6225 N 1000 W
Shipshewana, Indiana 46565

Phone: (260) 768-7194, ext 2

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.,
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday and
Also open 4th of July and Labor Day
Closed Thursdays, Sundays and Ascension Day - June 2, 2011

Wagon Tour Fees:
(includes all feed for
Adults $10.95
Children $5.95
Seniors $6.95
Family: $35.

Group Fees (10 or more): Adults $8
Children $4.50
Seniors $6

Many of us dream about taking a exciting trips to far-off places to see wild and exotic animals on safari, but many of us never get the opportunity.
Whether it’s due to time or financial constraints, the closest the majority of us ever get to an exotic animal is the zoo and those animals are always kept at a very great distance. Not exactly a space that affords you the ability to fully appreciate their presence.
For those who do long for that more intimate and up close, personal experience with animals, Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park is the place for you.
Situated on the sprawling acreage of an Amish farm owned by Vernon D. Miller, your Shipshewana-style safari begins on the back of an authentic, Amis-style wagon.
Your host Vern helps you climb onto the back of his horse-drawn wagon, which is pulled by his own mighty horses that he will lead through the entire tour.
Vern offers an informative commentary throughout the tour, offering up the ancestry of the animals, which just had babies and other interesting tidbits and most importantly, what their disposition is toward approaching visitors.
A real treat is the big feed bucket stationed on the wagon.
Visitors get instructions on how to fill small containers to then offer the passing beasts.
The feed quickly lures animals to draw nearer, immediately giving you that up-close and personal, safari feeling β€” one you will never get from a zoo.
Before you know it, you are suddenly surrounded by an entire menagerie, featuring zebras and zedonks β€” a combination zebra/donkey hybrid. There are goats and llamas; white-tail deer and pot-bellied pigs.
There is even a camel, a water buffalo and some longhorn steer.
In all, there are well over 40 different animals that surround you β€” a surefire way to satisfy a little of that safari urge in you.
Plus, there is also a great spot for picnics and an area for children to interact with baby and small animals that features slides that allow the children to slide both in and out of the fun.
Call ahead for group rates and reservations and for the most up-to-the-minute information on the park.

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